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I am a tri-lingual Programme and Projects manager and IT infrastructure solutions architect.  I hold an RHCE and am commited and support open-source software as much as practicality allows.


I have worked for companies such as Google, Motorola and Accenture but decided it was time to offer my services as an independant, ethical contractor. ¬†Through Byte consulting Ltd, we offer independant advice but, more importantly, we are dedicated to our clients. We will not sell consultancy unless we identify a clear benefit for you and your organization. Being independant gives us the power to say “No” and advice you more transparently.

I am a founder and partner in Byte Consulting Limited, based out of London, UK. We have offices in London, Paris and Oslo.

I travel a lot across Europe, I have lived in 5 countries over the last 10 years and will consider offers for short to medium assignments worldwide. Feel free to reach out and let’s see how we can assist you!